Monday, September 25, 2006

Leaking your info on the net...

It's been 8 years since I purchased Windows 98. At that time I felt really good about my self buying an "advanced Operating System". Of course later I realised I had payed for something that didn't work well most of the time. Anyway, I was living the dream. I was the proud of owner of Windows so I had no second thoughts entering my personal information during the Installation.

Not long after that I found out in horror that web pages could read that information and store/forward them. How did they get that? Well, I started finding cookies in my hard disk titled "firstname.lastname@domain". That's right. It was courtesy of Microsoft :/

Every time someone asked for my details, Windows kindly provided them! At no time did I receive such notification or warning. My name, address, phone number etc where transmitted transparenty to the web.

I remember immediately formatting my hard disk (which does not wipe out sensitive data but at least renders them inaccessible to Windows) and installing the OS under a fake name. I, the legal owner of an overpriced OS, had to forge my identity to ensure some, partial anonymity.

Since then, I developed a fear against entering my name anywhere. Privacy statements go right out the window for me. Whether it is a well-known web site (companies, service providers) or a no-name one, it's one and the same. I simply do NOT trust them. I am not ashamed to state so. I am not fealing paranoid. I just feal you are NOT good enough to protect my privacy. Goodbye now.

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