Saturday, August 19, 2006

British Terror Alert by Hollywood Inc.

You must have already heard about the "terror alert" issued by British law enforcement authorities, followed by "imminent attack" countermeasures such as grounding all flights, strip searching all airport travellers and of course banning all liquids (including medicine, water and baby milk) from entering the flight cabin.

At that time, the brits claimed they had "intelligence" on a large-scale terrorist attack which involved mixing certain chemicals on board and causing explosions that could bring down an entire airplane.
Authorities were in true panic since the same "intel" stated that those chemicals could be found in every-day products such as cosmetics and cleaning products. So no liquids on board and if you absolutely had to, you were forced to taste them.

Since the beginning of this I trully believed they were at least overreacting if not playing some propaganda game. Now, The Register has an interesting, detailed article which prooves all these police claims wrong and concludes that this scenario could only be implemented by Hollywood producers in the land of fiction.

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